Last weekend I sat at my desk and wondered “What is the most stereotypically light skinned thing you could ever do?” Then, the ad above happened. I am totally sending my picture in to the S-Curl people. I could be this generation’s Stoney Jackson!

The best part about it is that I don’t use anything remotely greasy on my hair, so they don’t even have to put the product on me before taking my picture for the side of the box. The disclaimer could say “YOU TOO could have hair like this…If someone from Leon’s father’s side of the family happened to have gotten your mother pregnant. If not, results may vary.”

Go ahead and laugh now. We’ll see who’s laughing once I’m striking a way-too-serious pose on the side of a box in your local drugstore this time next year.


The NBA Finals are going to a decisive Game 7. This is all that a basketball fan could ever hope for. Two evenly-matched teams putting it all on the line, with everything at stake over the course of 48 minutes. That felt dramatic just typing it. I had a chill run through my body. Then again, I’m sitting right under the AC so that might explain it.

I love that Lebron James started playing like a beast when he took off his headband. The message in that: Although the Hairline Gods have forsaken King James, confidence conquers all. You can’t be self-conscience with everything on the line! If I were in a fight with a crocodile, the last thing on my mind would be “How’s my hair?” And I have great hair.

Whomever loses this series should feel no shame about it whatsoever. Both of these teams are great, and us spectators have been lucky to witness such an entertaining NBA Finals.

So Paula Deen is allegedly a racist, which led to Twitter having fun with a #paulasbestdishes hashtag. If Paula Deen did indeed say all that racist stuff, I hope those little slave dolls from “Tales From The Hood” pay her a visit tonight.

RIP to James Gandolfini. He was a talented actor, and I’m sorry to hear about his sudden passing. Had to mention this since it caught me completely off guard.

On my last random note, come check me out tonight at RFD performing stand-up. I have a “Calendar” page now, so you can find the details for tonight over there.

Overheard conversation from yesterday:

Woman 1: “I don’t feel right getting paid for all that time we were furloughed.”

Woman 2: “You know, you can donate your check to a charity. You don’t have to take the money.”

Woman 1: “Err, umm…Uh…I don’t…Uhhh…”

Woman 2: “Yeah. That’s what I thought.”

People love to talk out the sides of their asses *ahem* I mean, backsides. It grinds my gears…That said, it’s great when folks are called out on their foolishness right then and there. Instant karma is always funny to me. Just thought I’d share that since the nation is adjusting to life after the government shutdown. To the nice lady who feels a little bit of guilt about getting paid but not enough guilt to not get paid, God bless you and your self righteous soul.