Overheard conversation from yesterday:

Woman 1: “I don’t feel right getting paid for all that time we were furloughed.”

Woman 2: “You know, you can donate your check to a charity. You don’t have to take the money.”

Woman 1: “Err, umm…Uh…I don’t…Uhhh…”

Woman 2: “Yeah. That’s what I thought.”

People love to talk out the sides of their asses *ahem* I mean, backsides. It grinds my gears…That said, it’s great when folks are called out on their foolishness right then and there. Instant karma is always funny to me. Just thought I’d share that since the nation is adjusting to life after the government shutdown. To the nice lady who feels a little bit of guilt about getting paid but not enough guilt to not get paid, God bless you and your self righteous soul.


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